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Saginaw Athletic Official's Association - Communication with the Media




To establish and maintain positive relationships with news media.



This policy applies to all Saginaw Athletic Officials Association Members.



The Public Relations Specialist of the Saginaw Athletic Officials Association (or his/her designee), is the primary contact for all organizational information to the news media, including game situations and response to any other inquiries. All media inquiries will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible to meet the media’s need for timeliness and respect their deadlines. In the event a Saginaw Athletic Officials Association member is contacted directly, the inquiry should be referred to the Public Relations Specialist.



The Saginaw Athletic Officials Association Executive Board will appoint a Public Relations Specialist to inform media representatives of the group’s media policies and provide a phone number for access. If a member is contacted directly by a reporter seeking information about Saginaw Athletic Officials Association, they should politely request that the reporter contact the Public Relations Specialist and then call the Public Relations Specialist themselves, to alert him/her of the media contact. When the Public Relations Specialist seeks the voluntary involvement of Saginaw Athletic Officials Association members in a media interview or photo opportunity, member’s cooperation and consideration of media deadlines are greatly appreciated.                 
Should a Saginaw Athletic Officials Association member believe they may have information and/or an idea that may be of interest to the general public, they should contact the Public Relations Specialist. The Public Relations Specialist will, if warranted, contact the media and arrange for the information to be provided to the media.





The Saginaw Athletic Officials Association is an Approved Association of the Michigan High School Athletic Association. Association ID # 815


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